Tent City

According to AP Exclusive at  Apr 15, 2016 , a member of Alaska Air Guard said that Alaska would be a tent city , but many people didn't agree with this point . Then what is tent city ? Do you know how a tent city comes into being ? Many people will doubt that living in a tent is inconvenient for cooking , taking shower  or even sleeping for a long time ? Yes , it is do true...
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Special Tents

special tent
It is very common that you can see some general tents such as party tent , wedding tent or event tent . But some special tents would see rarely because they are just used for specific occasions . Take military tent for an example , they are only used in military base for soldiers or military airplanes or other G.I. . There are few people use this tent in life . Besides milit...
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What Type Of Tents Do You Like Most ?

Engraved fabric
In recent years , many tents are be designed to party , wedding , warehouse or other events . So what type of tents do like most by your first  feeling . Party Tent Party tents can be used in holding a birthday party , ceremony or concerts . Wedding Tent Most of wedding tents are beautiful and romantic , and it is mainly cover with white curtain or other white s...
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Recommendation from LIRI: Event Tent, Your Better Choice

In the mind of many people,purchasing or renting an Event Tent is not a good choice for an outside event,various reasons are existing,such as high costing,complicated assembly,difficult layout. In fact,everything is comparative,in our opinion,it is a better selection to use an Event Tent as an outside activity site. Liri is capable to provide a variety of tents,different typ...
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Advantages of tents standardization production

Liri Tent uses the standardized spare parts for manufacturing, and then combines the standardized components for different shapes and dimensions tents. All the components are independent but no use for a specific tent only, so there are a variety of advantages in tents standardization production. First, all the components are compatible. The spare parts are interchangeabilit...
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How to ensure the safety of tents under strong wind

Every year,people are killed or injured by the unsafe use of tents in severe weather conditions.With knowledge and safe practices,nearly all such incidents can be avoided. Read the Installation Manual carefully.It is advised that study this document and ask questions so you understand what wind speed your tent can withstand and how to correctly anchor your tent. Tents should...
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