Wedding Ceremony Outdoor Wedding Tent

Nowadays holding a wedding party is not only inside the house. Setting up an outdoor wedding tent for wedding ceremony is very popular. You can enjoy the outdoor scenery, the fresh air, gentle winds, warm sunshine in the outdoor canvas marquee. LIRI TENT produce beautiful outdoor wedding tent with luxury decoration for newlyweds. The width is from 3-60m, it is modula...
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20m Polygon Tent for Event Center

20m Polygon Tent for Event Center Polygon tent is designed for the need of high interior space, and for the special appearance to be more eye catching while clear span widths from 10m to 60m. For the 40m polygon tent, with 4m standard side height, and the ridge height will be 15.6m, it is much higher than the normal A shape tent. 40m Polygon tent for event center, which can ...
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500 People TFS Curve Tent for Outdoor Event

500 people TFS tent
500 People TFS Curve Tent TFS Curve Tent is our special tent type, which exterior is totally different with our standard A type tent. With it's curved shape, it looks unique and beautiful, which can makes your party and event more attractive. We also offer various accessories for your choice, such as ABS solid wall, glass wall, glass door, decoration roof lining, decoration ...
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Customized Aluminum Structure Tent For Sale

Customized Aluminum Structure Tent We consider every tent as an individual project and all of our aluminum structure tents can be customized make for your special events. 1. Size of Tent, thanks for modular structure, clear span width of our tent are from 3 meters to 60 meters and length can be increased or decreased by any 3m/5m bay distance. Thus, no matter for smaller ...
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Outdoor Event 1000 People Church Tent

Outdoor Event 1000 People Church Tent Nowadays, more and more people prefer the tent for church event, compare to the fixed construction, the tent has the advantage that it is movable, and it can be installed fast, which reduce much labor cost. There are thousands of sizes for church tent,it depend on the capacity you need. For outdoor event 1000 people church tent, 20mx40m...
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Luxury Double Decker Tent For Wedding Party

Luxury Double Decker Tent For Wedding Party Liri double decker tent is famous in the world, we win a lot of reputation on the international event, such as PGA in Sweden, Longines equestrian event and so on. Our garden double decker tent is a new upgrade design in our double decker tent series. This garden double decker tent can be in different shape, arcum, curve and A-frame...
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Luxury High Peak Tents for Weddings and Parties

High Peak Tents
High Peak Tents for Weddings Once mentioned the outdoor high peak tent,do you think of the food stalls around the street,barbecue stalls? Then you are out of date! Liri Tent offers the high level tent can be moved to outdoor high peak tent as the real place for weddings and parties. In the fields,grasslands,jungles,the restaurant tent and the natural can be harmony as one. ...
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Watching European Cup In A Marquee

sports marquee
Watching European Cup In A Marquee Sporting Events --2016 European Cup European Cup of every fourth year is on fire in France. Football is the most popular sport in the world. With high football level, the ornamental value is absolutely good, even more than World Cup. All football fans from all countries pay full attention on it. You cannot imagine its popularity, but try t...
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Wall Material Of Tent

For hundreds of years, canvas has been the material of choice in wall tents. But it is no longer the only choice. And is it the best choice for you? Below are the pros and cons of the canvas and the factors to consider when choosing your wall material of tent. Canvas is the traditional material for wall tents. It is strong and durable. I have seen canvas tents that were 30 y...
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Tents For Sale On Nowadays

polygon tent
The main reason most of the world is in the situation it is in now, from an economic viewpoint, is the lack of control we have when it comes to making purchases. As soon as we see items on sale, we rush to buy and charge on our credit cards, whether or not we need the items in question. This also extends to camping and when we see tents on sale we rush to buy a new tent, wh...
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