A Nice Day With A White Wedding Marquee

ordinary house tent
Every woman dreams of her wedding day. She might picture what her dress will look like, how handsome her husband will be, how big or how beautiful the wedding tent you chose , and even how many guests she will invite. The traditional wedding that she is most likely dreaming of can be referred to as a "white wedding". Weddings are often referred to as white weddings because most...
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Green New Mobile Storage Warehouse Tent

tent for warehouse
To do a good job in green storage, enterprises to maximize the use of existing resources, achieve warehouse good return on investment and industry upgrade. New mobile storage tent is became the new representative of the green storage in China . 1. Quickly Solve the Problem of Short Season Inventory Adjustment With the growth in business volume, an  needs to be increased...
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Special Tents

special tent
It is very common that you can see some general tents such as party tent , wedding tent or event tent . But some special tents would see rarely because they are just used for specific occasions . Take military tent for an example , they are only used in military base for soldiers or military airplanes or other G.I. . There are few people use this tent in life . Besides milit...
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Attending A Party With A Party Tent

I believe that everybody on our lovely planet goes through life with a party of some sort or kind in their lives . Most of us started when we were still at school , even when we were a  baby . Do you remember how to start a party ? Maybe you remember the days when your mom and dad went on a trip , and you'd invite a couple of friends over to brag about dad's new state of the...
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What Type Of Tents Do You Like Most ?

Engraved fabric
In recent years , many tents are be designed to party , wedding , warehouse or other events . So what type of tents do like most by your first  feeling . Party Tent Party tents can be used in holding a birthday party , ceremony or concerts . Wedding Tent Most of wedding tents are beautiful and romantic , and it is mainly cover with white curtain or other white s...
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Rent a Warehouse Tent

There are many factors should be considered when creating a warehouse such as shape  ,  size , materials and so on . More importantly , you should build it by yourself  that you need to find someone to do it . But when you rent a warehouse from a tent company , they will do all to you . For example , you rent a 15m * 10m square meter warehouse tent , you just need to tell the c...
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Reasons to Choose a Wedding Tent

white wedding tent
Nowadays wedding tent rentals  are popular because they give a more flexible and elegant option to cater all kinds of needs in any outdoor setting . When it is your big day, you simply want everything to be perfect as the way you had envisioned it . Whether the wedding is on the grasslands or in the small manor , you definitely do not want it raining down on your dream set up a...
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Marquee Accessories With Waterproof Material

Marquee tents and furniture
  A complete tent consist of many marquee accessories such as floor , windows , doors , curtains  etc. . With these several kinds of accessories , waterproof material is more popular to customers . Not only waterproof , but aluminum and ceiling of a tent are also be well received because of giving the entire structure an elegant look . There are many types of liners...
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Double Decker Tents , 2 Storey Tents for Sport Event

double decker tent
Elegant marquee tent from professional aluminum tent manufacturer Liri Tent of China. The clear span width from 3m to 80m width, length is unlimited and it's avaible in the A shape, dome shape, high peak, curve shape, polygon, mix high peak, double decker tent design. If you also like it for your event, please free to xu@liri-tents.com
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Geodesic dome tent for special outdoor event

Geodesic dome tent  has been called “the most spacious, lightest, most effective design”, which is a rigid and stable structure.19m diameters geodesic dome tent for special outdoor event like wedding party is installed in Liri Tent factory before shippment.High density of the hip dipped galvanized metal frame and unique connection part make our half sphere tent structure much s...
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