Customized Aluminum Structure Tent For Sale

Customized Aluminum Structure Tent

We consider every tent as an individual project and all of our aluminum structure tents can be customized make for your special events.

1. Size of Tent, thanks for modular structure, clear span width of our tent are from 3 meters to 60 meters and length can be increased or decreased by any 3m/5m bay distance. Thus, no matter for smaller party or big events, Liri Tent always can find your best tent solution. The tent from the photo is 25x60m with 25m width and 60m length, which is suitable for up to 1500 people capacity for wedding events.

2. Color of Tent, materials of tent roof cover is white PVC fabric in common but it can be changed to red, blue, silvery even transparent.

3. Accessories of Tent, there are lots of optional accessories for your event tent like tempering luxury glass walls all around, glass doors unit, decoration ceiling and curtains. Moreover, air-conditioner system can be added by Liri’s team.

Let’s customized and build your unique event tents.

alu Structure Tent



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