Tents For Sale On Nowadays

polygon tent
The main reason most of the world is in the situation it is in now, from an economic viewpoint, is the lack of control we have when it comes to making purchases. As soon as we see items on sale, we rush to buy and charge on our credit cards, whether or not we need the items in question. This also extends to camping and when we see tents on sale we rush to buy a new tent, wh...
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Marquee Accessories With Waterproof Material

Marquee tents and furniture
  A complete tent consist of many marquee accessories such as floor , windows , doors , curtains  etc. . With these several kinds of accessories , waterproof material is more popular to customers . Not only waterproof , but aluminum and ceiling of a tent are also be well received because of giving the entire structure an elegant look . There are many types of liners...
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Furniture for tents

It is exquisite on tents furniture, popular and practical tents furniture elements. Tents furniture is one of the essential accessory for tents,the collocation of tents furniture make the tents’ inside looks more unique. Different kinds of tents furniture are suitable to different events,such as wedding,festival ceremony,ehxhibition,banquet,all kinds of parties. Style,colors...
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Roof lining of tent

Nowadays,Tents have become the most popular temporary structure for outdoor events. More and more people have higher requirements on the decoration of inside of the tent. With good decoration,tents can be practical and elegant. If not,it will make bad impression on people. Making full use of the roof lining is the best to increase the elegance of the tent. Roof lining is bel...
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Tent Air-conditioned

To make our customers access to one-stop shop service,LIRI TENT provides kinds of accessories for events equipment including tent air conditioner which can refrigerate and heating and dehumidify. To meet the need for different kinds of space,there are several options for air conditioners such as 5hp,10hp,30hp,40hp. Unified design makes our tent air conditioner easy to operate a...
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Tent Flooring System

Tent is always set up outdoors,so its hard to avoid uneven or dirty ground. To pursue good-quality flooring,more and more people apply tent flrooing system inside the tent. With the tent flrooing system,the ground will be flat and more elegant. Actually,tent flrooing system has its unique advantage that other tent flooring system doesnt have. To satisfy different needs of cu...
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