Temporary Sports Tent

temporary sport tent
With the 29th Olympic Games held in Beijing in 2008, Chinese sports developed vigorously and demands for various temporary sports facilities has gradually increased. As a company with rich experience on manufacturing and erecting temporary sports tent, Liri Tent can offer sports tent for basketball hall, badminton stadium, volleyball stadium, swimming pool, football cour...
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LIRI TENT supports the PGA Puerto Rico Open

PGA sports structure
The 2016 Professional Golfers' Association of America(PGA TOUR) Puerto Rico Open was finished on March 28th. 26-year-old American star Tony – Funuo won the individual's first PGA Tour title with three extra hole . As the exclusive tent supplier of the PGA Puerto Rico Open, LIRI TENT provided lots of tents for this event, including spectator stands, restaurants, lounges and m...
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Event Tents For Beer Festival

Big Event Tent For Beerfest
Beer festivals are extremely popular social and community events in many parts of the world , but even more so in Germany and China . At these festivals a crowd of beers tents or beer halls are set up and beers company or others who can produce beer offers their products to the general public as well as to beer cognoscente . Most beer festivals also include food festivals and t...
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Marquee tents and event furniture for sale in Dubai

Marquee tents and event furniture for sale in Dubai.To meet our customers need to access one-stop shop for events,Liri Tent also provides event furniture in various styles such as chiavari chairs,banquet chairs,round folding tables,rectangle folding tables,chair cover and table cloth. Available colours include crystal,golden,white,grey,yellow,red,blue,green,pink,etc. The ...
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Ideas to Discover Marquees for Sale In Your Area

Marquees nowadays sell similar to 'hot cakes' -- There is no doubt about it. Whether it's for any industrial goal or a supper party, these kinds of innovatively developed momentary houses are the hottest sensations. The latest years have witnessed the beginning of your variety of businesses that design then sell marquees of various kinds. Hence, for somebody looking towards acq...
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Impossible is nothing for Liri Tent’s construction team

Exhibition Tents for Canton Fair
Seemingly impossible mission: disassembly 60,000 square meters Fair Tent in seven days. The 118th Canton Fair closed. On 4th November the 118th China Import and Export Fair officially closed. The Canton Fair expanded the scale with exhibition area of 1.18 million square meters, total 60228 booths, and exhibitors reached 24,700. Liri Tent: Designate supplier of exhibition...
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Let’s Get Together In Next Year’s Equestrian Masters

Legendary veteran’s perfect performance makes the Equestrian Masters more brilliant. In the afternoon of October 25th, after fierce competition, the champions of the BMW Classic and LONGINES Masters have been settled, which are grand operas in LONGINES Equestrian Beijing Masters 2015. The well-known rider Ludger Beerbaum who be thought as the “father of the German equest...
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First Double Decker Tent in Bird’s Nest for Equestrian Masters

2015 Longines Equestrian Beijing Masters is coming soon, which will be begun in Bird’s Nest two days later. As the highest level of equestrian competition for domestic and international riders to compete, let’s expect the top riders’ great show. The preparation work of the Equestrian Masters has been ready, and also the construction work has been completed by Liri Tent. Afte...
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Army Tents

Significant portion of the stock for military services functions is camping tents. Tents essential for armed forces are often at the mercy of numerous stringent requirements, depending on the particular physical terrain, climatic conditions as well as other components. For example, a camping tent which is utilised in the particular Arctic location would likely differ rolling ar...
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Luxury Tent Hotel

pagoda tent hotel
Compared with the traditional reinforced concrete to build the resort hotel, the tent hotel  has the characteristics of low investment cost, structural safety, fast and flexible structures. The hotel room set, elegant appearance, suitable for any site installation, space utilization ratio can reach 100%. Hotel tent uses the high strength aluminum alloy hollow structure, ...
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