Luxury Tent Hotel

Compared with the traditional reinforced concrete to build the resort hotel, the tent hotel  has the characteristics of low investment cost, structural safety, fast and flexible structures. The hotel room set, elegant appearance, suitable for any site installation, space utilization ratio can reach 100%.

luxury tent for hotel

Hotel tent uses the high strength aluminum alloy hollow structure, surface anodic oxidation treatment, never corrosion, strength reaches international standard. Connection points use the welding technology of steel member is connected, all metal parts were surface treated against rust, reached 30 years free of rust. Tarpaulin with PVC coating, with anti ultraviolet, waterproof, flame retardant, self-cleaning properties.

outdoor hotel tent

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transparent tent for hotel

The hotel has a variety of tents for the purchase option configuration, its function and application is more powerful. For example: with transparent PVC window side wall cloth, anchors, column bearing plate, smallpox interior, glass curtain wall, glass doors, ABS hardware wall, transparent tarpaulin and side wall covering, floor system, drainage groove.

If you are interested in the tent hotel, please send a quotation to 

half sphere tent hotel

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