First Double Decker Tent in Bird’s Nest for Equestrian Masters

2015 Longines Equestrian Beijing Masters is coming soon, which will be begun in Bird’s Nest two days later. As the highest level of equestrian competition for domestic and international riders to compete, let’s expect the top riders’ great show.

The preparation work of the Equestrian Masters has been ready, and also the construction work has been completed by Liri Tent. After 5 days of working 24 hours, staffs from Liri Tent have successfully completed the installation of tents to ensure the smooth development of the event. This time, the double decker tent s are used for the VIP bleachers, also this is the first time for the double decker tent present in the national stadium. With more attractive appearance and better view, the double decker tent is providing more perfect functional partitioning and more comfortable users’ experience.

Equestrian Masters

As the biggest tent manufacturer in China, Liri Tent is pursuing innovation and building own brand and new benchmark. Liri Tent has richer experiences for big sports events than other tent companies, meanwhile, big sports events can not only show the charm of Liri Tent’s products, but also allow people to feel our enterprising spirit, hard working and being positive. To cooperate with the elegant equestrian master, it is a new breakthroughs and a successful case for Liri Tent.

Equestrian Masters

(Horses enjoy the great and comfortable tents from Liri Tent)

All horse tents are set up on the glass, and the horses can enjoy here.

Sitting on the beautiful VIP double decker tent to feel the charm of the equestrian closely.

Equestrian Masters

From 23rd to 25th, Oct, the domestic and international riders will compete in the game, and writing a brilliant chapter for the equestrian. Who will become the biggest winner, let’s expect! Liri Tent is waiting for you in Bird’s Nest.

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