20m Polygon Tent for Event Center

20m Polygon Tent for Event Center

Polygon tent is designed for the need of high interior space, and for the special appearance to be more eye catching while clear span widths from 10m to 60m. For the 40m polygon tent, with 4m standard side height, and the ridge height will be 15.6m, it is much higher than the normal A shape tent. 40m Polygon tent for event center, which can fix with glass walls and air-conditioner, it can make the event center looks more elegant and luxury.

For the event center, sometimes it will require for the special height to accommodate the equipment, so at that times, polygon tent will be a very good option.With the modular design,the polygon tent is very easy to installation and dismantle,so it can use for both temporary or permanent purpose. Flexible design, flexible usage.

500 people Polygon Tent for Event

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