Special Tents

It is very common that you can see some general tents such as party tent , wedding tent or event tent . But some special tents would see rarely because they are just used for specific occasions .

Take military tent for an example , they are only used in military base for soldiers or military airplanes or other G.I. . There are few people use this tent in life . Besides military tent , other special tents also have their fixed use .

military tent

The most common kind of special tent is carport tent . As more and more people have their cars , carport tent are become more popular in our life . You can see these tents on the street or beside the supermarkets , banks , restaurants and other places . For the reason why so many people choose carport tent as parking lots is that the portable carport gives them the freedom to store and protect their vehicles anywhere .

carport tent

Another special tent is trailer tent which is supported by a vehicle and aluminum poles . This tent provides a perfect movable shelter for events . The opening sidewalls make the tent ventilated , so that people inside can get fresh air .

trailer tent


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