Advantages of tents standardization production

Liri Tent uses the standardized spare parts for manufacturing, and then combines the standardized components for different shapes and dimensions tents. All the components are independent but no use for a specific tent only, so there are a variety of advantages in tents standardization production.

First, all the components are compatible. The spare parts are interchangeability, many sizes and shapes are available, and we can even combine the different parts from each other. For example, if you want a special shape this year, you can build up an arcum tent to instead of the normal A shape tent flexibility.


Secondly, tents standardization production and high-quality aluminum adopted making the tents can be used repeatedly and with longer lifetime. If no missing any parts, we can rebuild the tent in another place without add or replace any components, all the materials are recyclable.

Moreover, standized structures are easy in assemble and disassemble in a short period. Because of the tents production and tents assembly are standardized, so the skilled workers can build the tents up quickly.

Of course, due to the venue and other various factors, Liri Tent provide customized tents services based on safety.

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