Mobile Art Museum Tent Hall

art exhibition tent
With the improvement of modern living,more and more people begin to seek spiritual satisfaction. Therefore, more and more people begin to pay attention to have artistic living,  that various of art exhibitions held in full swing throughout the country. The mobile art museum tent hall is the best venues for art exhibitions,it is not only meet the unique Art Reform of spac...
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Watching European Cup In A Marquee

sports marquee
Watching European Cup In A Marquee Sporting Events --2016 European Cup European Cup of every fourth year is on fire in France. Football is the most popular sport in the world. With high football level, the ornamental value is absolutely good, even more than World Cup. All football fans from all countries pay full attention on it. You cannot imagine its popularity, but try t...
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Our Social Responsibility

sport tent
Exalted Morality Contribution to Society: The Duty of LIRI TENT LIRI TENT is not only focus on manufacturing high quality tent products, but also set contribution as a goal and take part in public activities positively.  The business philosophy of LIRI TENT is doing the best to serve clients, employees and society. LIRI’s target is to become the top class aluminum tent ...
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Tent City

tent on the grassland
According to AP Exclusive at  Apr 15, 2016 , a member of Alaska Air Guard said that Alaska would be a tent city , but many people didn't agree with this point . Then what is tent city ? Do you know how a tent city comes into being ? Many people will doubt that living in a tent is inconvenient for cooking , taking shower  or even sleeping for a long time ? Yes , it is do true...
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Tents For US Music Festival Coachella 2016

tents for music festival
The 2016 instalment of US music festival Coachella, which kicks off 14 April, has attracted a series of top brands, such as fashion retailers H&M and Pandora, beer brewer Heineken and Uber. This event was decided to set up on the lawn with tents . It is a famous music festival that sets up many tents including carport tents , high peak tents , small tents or other event ...
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Ideas to Discover Marquees for Sale In Your Area

Marquees nowadays sell similar to 'hot cakes' -- There is no doubt about it. Whether it's for any industrial goal or a supper party, these kinds of innovatively developed momentary houses are the hottest sensations. The latest years have witnessed the beginning of your variety of businesses that design then sell marquees of various kinds. Hence, for somebody looking towards acq...
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White wedding tents dome tents for weddings fashion wedding tent

White wedding tents dome tents for weddings fashion wedding tent If it's true that there's going to be eating, after that appropriate location ought to be established pertaining to offering the self serve buffet or even food in the tent. Once more, you may want to include a grooving flooring with the function and this may include a location for your Disc jockey or perhaps a ...
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Good quality 600 people wedding tent for sale

600 people luxury wedding marquee tent for sale
600 people luxury wedding marquee tent for sale Consequently program in which beautiful out of doors wedding ceremony that you have usually wanted. Take pleasure in the history of creation. Think about the actual extraordinary returns contrary to the hazards. Good quality 600 people wedding tent for sale Choose much chance you happen to be more comfortable with and carry out...
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20x35m wedding tent luxury party tent from DE

We've all seen movie views in which a community dog chases the cat under the table having an attractive 4 tiered wedding meal causing the proverbial marriage ceremony wedding cake catastrophe however have you investigated the actual wild animals? I have come across the rabbit within a park climb right up on the wedding cake table. N't i uncertainty it might possess felt this ca...
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Venus Williams is biggest winner of 2015 WTA Elite Trophy Zhuhai

After six-day intense competition, the WTA (Women's Tennis Association) Elite Trophy Zhuhai 2015 has ended on November 8th. Chinese rookies performed excellently, Yafang Wang / Chen Liang have won the championship of the Doubles Final, after beating the second seed player, Spanish doubles Jia Likui Adams / St Dayton with the score 6:4 and 6:3.Venus Williams, the Singles US top ...
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