Mobile Art Museum Tent Hall

art exhibition tent
With the improvement of modern living,more and more people begin to seek spiritual satisfaction. Therefore, more and more people begin to pay attention to have artistic living,  that various of art exhibitions held in full swing throughout the country. The mobile art museum tent hall is the best venues for art exhibitions,it is not only meet the unique Art Reform of spac...
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Liri Tents for 2015 China Taklimakan (International) Rally Race

The seventh stage of 2015 China Taklimakan (International) Rally Race Xinjiang station has ended on Jun. 30th,2015. Hanwei and Panhongyu,from the Harvard team in car group and Suwenmin,from Xinjiang Beixin Road and Bridge team in motorcycle group went through the end first. Until now,who will be the championship becomes more and more clear. For the car group,Harvard team was fa...
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