second hand marquee for sale

second hand marquee for sale Used tents are offered for sale
Used tents for sale: these used tents have been rented but are still in good shape,used tents still in our inventory which you can use and rent. Since the launch of our newly leased tents,we have to reduce the inventory of the old lease tents,so we intend on selling the old lease tents as used tents. Relatively cheap compared to the price of the second-hand tents,the price is slightly higher than the rental price and much lower than the price of the new tents. Used tents for some customers looking for cheap tents are the best choice if they are looking for storage tents or construction tents.
The used tents include Warehouse Tent,Event Tent,Exhibition Tent,Banquet Tent,Party Tent,and Celebration Tent. The used tent series are available in clear-span width of 3m,4m,5m,6m,8m,10m,12m,15m,16m,18m,20m,21m,25m,30m,and 40m. The standard height size of 3.3m. The used tents are modular designed and can be increased and decreased by 3m or 5m. The main framework (upright support and roof beam) are manufactured by 4 channels in size with 152x119xx4mm hard pressed extruded aluminum. The sidewalls and roof covers are manufactured with 850g/m2 PVC-coated polyester textile and flame retardant to DIN4102 B1,M2. The fabric available is block-out and translucent. The used tent series are available with a complete range of accessories
These accessories include:
Sidewalls with clear windows
Ground anchors
Weight plates
Glass wall system
Glass door units
ABS walling system
Full clear covers and sidewalls
Flooring system
Rain gutter system


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