Outdoor Tent Clearspan Alu Halls For Horse Racing Games

Outdoor Tent Soccer Halls and PVC Soccer Hall Tent made by Shelter Tent Manufacturing.We can provide various series hall tent for your selection.If you want to customize sport tent hall,contact us to get more details.
LIRI Tent has successful completed lots of large sporting events,such as football hall tent,tennis court cover tent,soccer halls,horse arena zelt and so on. Our frame material use hard press aluminum alloy and PVC fabric,utility and safety with high-quality technology.

The Dodecagon Tent has a side height of 4m and is available in 30m clear-span. It is based off of the 30m span Tent Hall. It adds a high peak and 1/2 dodecagon as a bell end. The tent frame uses hard pressed extruded aluminum alloy 6061/T6. The cover uses PVC coated polyester textile (850g/sm). The structure not only has the character of length flexibility, but it also makes a unique style of a high peak and polygon. The tent can resist up to 100 km/hr. The optional accessories include PVC transparent side windows, walls, and roof. It also includes plastic walls, plastic door, ABS hard wall, ground anchor, weight plate, wood cassette flooring, lining curtains, etc. This is a great breakthrough for the traditional A-shape tent and it is suitable for all kinds of events, sports games, exhibitions, and ceremonies.

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