Marquee Linings: From Ordinary Places to Elegant Venues

Ordinary marquees with visible steel poles and structures may be just fine for casual events, but for formal occasions, marquee linings are essential. Marquee linings are large, fire-retardant interior coverings that are used to dress up marquees to transform them from ordinary tents to elegant and stylish venues. Aside from large tents, these interior linings can also grace conservatories or barns changing these places from the drab and dull to fabulous and sophisticated.

Marquee linings consist of roof and wall linings, window drapes, valances and swags that hide the structure of the marquee in voluminous fabric. Because of British and European regulations, fabric must be fire-retardant in order to ensure the safety of guests. Popular shades in weddings and other events are classic ivory or white which can then be decorated with other decorations reflecting the event’s colour schemes. These interior coverings are available in pleated, ruche, or plain linings to suit the theme. Some manufacturers may be contacted to produce custom-made linings of every style, shade, and colour. Corporations hosting events may wish their interiors to emulate the company colours, further solidifying the company brand. Some companies may even go to extra lengths to convert unassuming places into an Arabian princess boudoir or a Regency era-inspired state room with purple velvet, according to customer preferences.

For weddings and anniversaries and other formal events, marquee linings are indispensable. The sight of a place lined in elegant pleated drapes will truly set the romantic mood creating a dreamy atmosphere that will make an event even more memorable. Revellers in gorgeous formal wear will feel right at home underneath a luxuriously lined area.

To add an even more indelible mark to your guests’ memories, you may choose the starcloth to grace the area over the dance floor. Starcloth is a blackout fabric fitted with fibre optics to produce an effect that is both extraordinary and whimsical. Guests will feel like they’re dancing underneath the starry skies without the fear of the elements ruining the party.

Because they are a vital part of event planning and decorating, the choice of whether to hire linings or purchase them should be made. Marquee hire companies are especially equipped to handle customer requests and may install the linings before the event. However, owning your very own interior lining is a great investment as you can use and reuse them for any important occasions. You may even rent them out to family and friends who are sure to be grateful to have such a significant element of party planning within reach.

Whether you choose to hire or to buy, marquee linings should never be absent in all your planning. Every joyous event deserves a sumptuous setting to unfold in, a spectacular backdrop that will host an event that will forever be a pleasure to reminisce about with your loved ones.

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