Green New Mobile Storage Warehouse Tent

To do a good job in green storage, enterprises to maximize the use of existing resources, achieve warehouse good return on investment and industry upgrade. New mobile storage tent is became the new representative of the green storage in China .

warehouse tent

1. Quickly Solve the Problem of Short Season Inventory Adjustment
With the growth in business volume, an  needs to be increased for warehouse space during peak season. But warehouse space requirements will be smaller during off-season. At this moment, only tents can be realized according to the specific use to increase or decrease storage space, to achieve maximum economic benefit.

Storage Tent is flexible changeable and can be repeated disassembly, just like a 600 square meters of storage tent,it could be finished installation by 8 workers in 6hours with 1 forklift, without foundation treatment, freedom of choice to build the site, according to site size free to increase or segmentation build with mobile and portable performance can easily manage, from a place to another place. If you don’t need to use it, you can easily storage tents material stored up, by contrast, you set up again when you use. It is quickly solve company’s warehousing demand during off-season and peak season

2. Could Be Save Storage Costs and Quickly Solve Warehouse Demand for Enterprise
If you are looking for ways to expand their business, but suffered from financial flows, storage tent can meet your requirements. The investment cost storage tents of installing such as the size of the warehouse, only 40% -60% of the traditional warehouse, modular structure, 100% internal space utilization, and the return rates as high as 80% within 3 years, to help companies achieve low input, high output. At the same time, storage tents set up in a short time, the later maintenance costs low. Compared to fixed concrete structures, storage tents can be put into use in the shortest time and can provide you with the fastest rate of capital accumulation.

3. Simplify the Process of Enterprise Site Approval, and Reduce the Trouble of Land Permit
Setting up fixed warehouse building, is need to apply to the Government for some of the cumbersome procedures, generally need to apply, project approval, fire built, mine construction, planned to be built and other procedures, however,to build a storage tents are not required to apply for a land use permit. And it is more convenient in the operation and procedures. Industrial storage tents face a variety of ground conditions on the ground with the corresponding professional solutions.

4. Storage Tents are Powerful, Realize the Integration of Modern Warehouse
The frame of storage tent are adopted high strength aluminum profile, and the cover used flame retardant of double coated PVC fabric, the sidewall can used sandwich wall, moisture, and length is unlimited and modular. And our warehouse tent can be installed rolling gates, moisture sandwich wall, working doors, ventilation windows, drains, lights, air conditioning, exhaust fans, fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, video cameras, light, fire, control, drainage, electricity, ventilation, access control, anti – Ray warehouse space in one of the new, modern warehousing integration, so that enterprises more peace of mind .

The Successful case for LIRI warehouse and Storage Tent:

Jingdong Warehouse Tent

Shenzhen Yue Hai Logistics Warehousing Station

Huisman Industrial Materials Warehouse

Budweiser Beer Warehouse

Coca-Cola's Temporary Storage Center

 Jiangxi Logistics Park

Wharf Cargo Warehouse

Tent Rental Warehouse

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