Double Decker Tents for sporting events

Shelter-maker provides a wide range of Double Dcker Tents and Multi decker tent span from 10-40m. Shelter’s Double Decker Structures often applied in sporting events like Horse Racing, Car racing, Boat racing and other events like car show, catering etc. We also provide stairs, hand rails  and everything for interior decoration. Feel free to contact us for any help on multi-decker structures using below enquiry form.

Double Decker Tents for sporting events is used as the VIP restaurant. With the Double Decker Tents for sporting events,the space of land was made 200% use of . The Double Decker Tent is consisted of two floors. The total area of it is 6600sqm,the width is 30m and the length is 110m. It can accommodate more than 4000 people. The roof cover of the tent is made by thermal insulated PVC fabric,with heat insulation,preservation and thermostatic effect. The roof cover is also waterproof,fire retardant and UV resistant. The frame is very stable and safe,as it is made of hard pressed aluminum alloy,the insert for the tent is also made of aluminum alloy. The aluminum alloy is never getting rust and the connection between different parts is very precise.


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