Different Types of Garden Marquees

Garden marquees today not only come in various different shapes and sizes they can actually be used for a number of different purposes as well. Today you can purchase small marquees that you can use time and time again in your garden. They are very easy to assemble and take down and can be stored in somewhere like a garage or garden shed when not needed.

Below we will take a look at the types of marquees that are available to purchase for use in one’s garden. A good quality one shouldn’t set you back more than £500. But how much you do actually choose to spend on yours will be dependent on what size and shape you want.

1. The Rectangular Marquee

These of all the marquees we discuss in this article are the most popular one’s people are choosing to purchase. They come with ample space inside to allow for areas where people can congregate to stand and talk or to dance as well as an area where people can sit. Plus they have ample room to allow for an area to be put aside where disco or a bands equipment can be set up. Most people will use these types of garden marquees to hold events in such as wedding receptions or parties such as a wedding anniversary one. But you need to be aware if considering purchasing one of these types of marquees they need considerable amounts of space to be erected.

2. The Round End Marquee

If you only have a small garden then this is the type of marquee you should consider investing money in, as unlike the rectangular style ones these need very little space to be erected. Just like the one we mention above this type of garden marquee is suitable for holding various events in it, but most people will use it as an outdoor space when they are holding a party for say their child’s birthday. Another thing that makes this particular type of marquee so popular is that it takes a lot less time to actually assemble because it only has two poles and these are what provide the support for the roof and sides of it.

3. The Lightweight Party Tent

For those who don’t have a large budget to spend on their garden marquee this is the best option available to them. Again they provide more than enough space to provide shelter in the garden for family and friends when having a barbeque should the weather turn a little inclement. Although they come in a wide range of sizes you need to be aware that these tend to only be rectangular in shape. The reason why these types of garden marquees cost so much less than others is because of the materials from which they are made. The covering is not canvas and the poles inside which hold the tent up are made from plastic rather than steel.

For those who want garden marquees that take very little time to assemble and so erecting them is quick a lightweight party tent is their best option. In fact a person with one other helping can easily erect this type of marquee in around 2 hours because of the materials from which it is constructed.

So now you should have a better ideas of what types of garden marquees are available to you and which one is best for you. There are a number of online shops who will be able to supply these to you.

One of which is Crocodile Trading who supply marquees as well as party tents and outdoor furniture.

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