What Are The Benefits Of In House Marquees?

In house marquees are basically marquees that have been erected indoors. They are for the most part, standard marquees, only with one difference; the whole marquee tent is setup inside a building, though once inside an in house marquee event, you could easily forget that fact.

Only professional in house marquee hire companies can supply in house marquees, and to a standard to which, guests to an event can’t tell the difference. This illusion is helped somewhat if the building housing the marquee event is well illuminated with large sky-lights or bright ceiling lighting. This is because this light will shine through the marquee tent canvas and any marquee windows that may be present and give the impression of being outside with sun-light coming through.

A range of in house marquee hire flooring is available nowadays, such as carpets of various colours and thicknesses and even fake grass tiling if you wanted to go that extra step to make your in house marquee that bit more authentic.

Why Use In House Marquees?
So why use in house marquees at all, I hear you ask? Well the main reason a company or even an individual would choose to hire an in house marquee for their event, is if they do not have suitable flat land around their business premises or personal a large enough garden suitable for a marquee.

Clean farm out-buildings, barns and large garages are ideal to erect small to medium in house marquees, and large business function halls and un-used warehouses are perhaps more ideal for the larger in house marquee.


What Are The Benefits Of In House Marquees?
The main benefits of in house marquees particularly to a business which is organising a small exhibition of their products or arranging an annual conference, is the freedom to host the event on-site. This allows them to save money and time transporting things such as their products, exhibition display equipment and members of staff to and from the outdoor marquee venue, which maybe some miles from their business premises.

In addition, if guests to the event request to look around the business premises after the event, in say a manufacturing industry situation, then on-site plant tours are a lot easier to organise as they are on your doorstep.

For those people who are organising a family celebration, such as a graduation party, 18th Birthday party or wedding reception, then in house marquees can be the perfect venue solution. Provided their home has a suitably large out-building such as a barn, then they can benefit from hiring in house marquees. An in house marquee can be erected inside their barn, providing them with a venue literally on their doorstep.

This is particularly beneficial if some of the guests are elderly or are young children, who need continual supervision, which can be handled at home rather than having to organise cover. Plus having your family event close to your home is especially appealing to those who prefer to organise their own catering for their event and want to have a hand in organising things such as flower arrangements and interior in house marquee decor.

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