A Nice Day With A White Wedding Marquee

Every woman dreams of her wedding day. She might picture what her dress will look like, how handsome her husband will be, how big or how beautiful the wedding tent you chose , and even how many guests she will invite. The traditional wedding that she is most likely dreaming of can be referred to as a “white wedding”. Weddings are often referred to as white weddings because most brides wear white gowns. White is the color of innocence and it indicates a fresh, clean start for the bride and her groom.

white wedding marquee

So, when is the best time for a white wedding? The answer depends on the particular couple. One great idea for a white wedding is to have the ceremony in early summer. At this time of year, the weather is perfect for an outdoor wedding. Decorate along the aisle with the exceptionally beautiful white orchid. Have the reception under a nice white wedding tent with long tables accented with white tissue paper lanterns and crystal. Drape string lighting underneath the tent canopy for a starlit sky effect. The ambience created will be extremely romantic and difficult for guests to forget.

Another fantastic idea is to have your white wedding in the dead of winter. The white wedding marquee and the white snow on the ground will be hauntingly beautiful against deep red accents. Embrace the cold, stark weather to create a contrast that will wow even the most judgmental of guests. Of course, the wedding ceremony will need to be indoors. However, you can easily bring some of the natural beauty of the outdoors into your wedding space. This can be done by lining the aisle with bare white trees draped in crystal. The bride will look stunning in a sleek white gown with red lipstick and a bouquet of red roses. Bridesmaids wearing red cocktail dresses and silver jewelry will look amazing standing next to the bride.

beautiful wedding tent

There are millions of options available to a discerning bride wanting to create the wedding of her dreams. If you are having trouble with ideas, however, hiring a wedding coordinator is one great option. The key to creating the perfect white wedding is to use your imagination. The sky is the limit as far as decorating and location goes. This is your special day and you get to call the shots. Any day can be a nice day for a white wedding if you remember that this day is about the love you share with your husband-to-be. Congratulations.


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