Liri White Party Tents With Side Walls 10 x 20 tent

White Party Tents With Side Walls 10 x 20 tent

This 10 x 20 tent is offered for a small party gatherings in United States. Liri outdoor party gazebo and clearspan tents can be installed with glass or hard sides and white or clear tops. They handle adverse weather well and are excellent for long-term placements. Clear span Tents are perfect for weddings, luncheons, festivals, concerts, presentation and commercial spaces, long-term storage facilities and classrooms.

We offered beautiful linen, lighting, flooring and all accessories for our customer which made their wedding a big success. We sell wedding tents usually used as catering marquees and reception, dancing halls etc. since tents are relocatable and easy to set up and remove.With Liri clear span marquee you can change any layout inside the tent. Liri Wedding Marquees make your outdoor wedding venue in the way you like.
The Party Tent series are available with a complete range of accessories.
Accessories available:
sidewalls with clear windows
ground anchors
weight plate,
lining, glass wall system,
door system,
door units,
ABS walling system,
full clear covers and sidewalls
flooring system
rain gutters system
hexagonal and octagonal end bays
High peak

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